Delivering health, safety, quality and environment expertise.

Delivering health, safety, quality and environment expertise.


Who I am

I’m not going to bore you and duplicate the content of my CV. If you want to know more about me please do check out my profile and recommendations at Tom Baines | LinkedIn
Tom Baines

Unique experience, unique solutions…

In our line of work there are always challenges, but we all know our ultimate goal is to ensure everyone goes home safely to their families each and every day.

Whilst we can never fully measure the outputs of what we do, we do know we can make a difference.

A career that has spanned 27 years having spent 12 of those at executive  developing strategies and solutions for multinational companies, governments.

I have also had the fortune to be involved with and oversee multibillion pound construction programme and project portfolios.

Every day we learn something new and there is no one size fits all solution where a dynamic, experienced approach is required to addressing situations, developing and implementing strategies and solutions. However, and above all else any solution must be beneficial, maximise compliance and impactful to drive positive behaviours and outcomes.

Those that I have had the pleasure to work with and become friends with know my beliefs, passion for the work we do and that success comes from how we form relationships and work as a team.

HSEQ OneStop was created to share those experiences and passions into cost effective solutions that will support small and medium size companies as well as individuals.

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Award Winning books and published articles

Tom has a superb sense of getting it right and as a leader in safety goes the extra mile to ensure personnel’s and companies safety are maintained

Jonathan Eades

Corporate Vice President of EHS – Exyte